Commercial Emergency Medical Stretchers: Durability, Reliability & Affordability

Commercial Emergency Medical Stretchers

          MS3C Commercial Emergency Stretchers are specifically developed for use by EMS paramedics, fire firefighters, and ambulance workers. MS3C stretchers are versatile and durable, allowing them to be used when extracting immobile patients, transporting immobile patients, as well as in other situations. Since Emergency Response teams use commercial stretchers for various purposes, we offer numerous models to accommodate these needs. Additionally, we understand in some circumstances, it is crucial to have a considerable supply of stretchers to be prepared for any and all situations – that’s why we offer durable and easy-to-use stretchers at a fraction of the cost of comparable models.

             Each stretcher is designed with both the patient’s and operator’s comfort in mind. Pro X-frame manual stretcher offers height adjustability, has a weight capacity of 550 pounds. The H-frame stretcher is also manually operated; it is not height-adjustable and has a lower weight capacity of 400 pounds, but it can be loaded and unloaded with only one operator. Both stretchers are made out of commercial grade aluminum alloy. The battery powered stretchers only require one operator. However, since it is electric, it is more expensive and requires more maintenance. The various loading heights of the different models allow for caretakers to load the stretchers into multiple types of vehicles, such as ambulances and transportation vans alike. The multi-height function also comes into use when loading passengers from beds of different heights. All of our stretchers are equipped with a multi-point vehicle locking mechanism. The safety locking device secures the stretcher in place during transport, ensuring a comfortable and safe transport. The collapsible locking side rails assists with safe patient loading and unloading.

            To maximize the stretcher’s functionality, some stretchers are also equipped with additional accessories, such as an IV pole and oxygen tank holder. First responders use stretchers to transport individuals of all shapes and size; with this in mind, our stretchers are designed to be long-lasting and withstand beatings. Thus, our stretchers do not have to be replaced very often. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on our stretchers.

             Aside for the durability of our stretchers, we also offer significant cost-savings. The features and functionality of our stretchers are comparable to leading brands, but are sold at a fraction of the cost. To put it in perspective, you can purchase multiple MS3C stretchers for the cost of just one stretcher from a similar company. In fact, just one EMS round trip will cover the cost of purchasing a commercial grade stretcher.