Moving Wheelchair-Bound Individuals Up and Down the Staircase has Never Been Easier

MS3C-300WC Battery Operated Climbing Trolley

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that moving up and down the staircase needs to be a difficult, dreadful, or expensive task. Many existing options for moving between floors at home – whether it be relying on external EMS services or installing a chair lift – are simply too intrusive and costly. When it comes to transporting wheelchair-bound individuals in commercial settings, most buildings fail to have a plan of action and are ill-prepared. The MS3C-300WC Battery Operated Climbing Trolley for Wheelchairs finally alleviates the burden of transporting wheelchair-bound loved ones or patients up and down the stairs. The chair is ideal for emergency evacuations during fires or power outages at hospitals, nursing homes or even sporting events, or simply for at home use to increase the ease of moving between floors.

This Battery-powered trolley is easy to use and requires minimal effort from both passenger and operator. A single operator simply slides and locks wheelchair into the frame and loads passenger. Since the chair is electric, the operator then simply guides chair up or down staircase. This easy and low-effort process allows for passenger to remain comfortable while ascending or descending and requires operator to exert virtually no physical energy.

Moving between flights of stairs does not have to be a stressful experience for wheelchair-bound individuals. With the 300WC trolley, the experience is safe and comfortable for both passengers and operators. It is designed for 20” wheelchairs with removable arms and can hold a weight capacity of 400lbs, including the wheelchair. The several locking points ensure passenger and wheelchair are both secure for the duration of the ascent or descent. Additionally, the ergonomic lifting handle allows caregiver to comfortably operate and steer device. The Trolley itself is even transportable; since it is lightweight and easy-to-fold, it is ideal for hospital visits, sporting events, or really any outing to a multilevel building. In a commercial setting, trolley can be stored conveniently and compactly and can be easily accessed when needed.

At home, family members and wheelchair-bounded individuals alike desire the freedom of moving around without relying on outsiders. At-home EMS services are very costly, often costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for just a few visits. In short, relying on EMS or external caretakers is not a feasible or affordable option every time a handicapped individual must go up or down the staircase. Investing in a wheelchair trolley offsets these costs tremendously. Additionally, it allows family members themselves to easily and safely assist in ascents and descents.  

Commercially, a trolley is the ideal solution for safely and comfortably transporting disabled, wheelchair-bound individuals in the case of an emergency. For example, if a power outage at an airport caused the elevators and escalators to stop working, the battery-operated trolley would be able to evacuate wheelchair-bound individuals. Although emergency situations, such as fires, hurricanes, and power outages are not extremely common, in the case of such of an event, a commercial setting must have a contingency plan to accommodate disabled individuals. Trolley will enable a safe, comfortable evacuation.


As a US company, we at MSEC care about ensuring that all individuals are able to move about their everyday lives as easily as possible – whether it be at home or out and about.