Up and Down Flights of Stairs on Your Own Terms!

MS3C-300TSB Battery Powered Stair Assist Chair

Imagine this: your elderly mother suffered a horrible fall and after a failed hip replacement, she struggles to freely move up and down the stairs. Evidently, this terrible situation has put a physical and emotional strain on both you and your mother. You’ve spent searching for a feasible solution, but the existing options are far too expensive and intrusive. You’ve relied on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) numerous times, accumulating a bill worth thousands of dollars. You’ve even considered installing a stair lift, but the permanent damage to the house eventually deterred you. So, you’ve resorted to physically carrying your poor mother up and down the stairs, leaving you with perpetual back pain and your mother in a state of discomfort. Luckily, you, your mother, and others in similar situations no longer have to experience the hardships of moving about your house; there is finally a solution - MS3C-300TSB Battery Powered Stair Assist Chair.

The MS3C-300TSB Powered Stair Assist Chair alleviates the burden of transporting loved ones, and elderly and handicapped patients up and down the stairs. The chair is ideal for emergency evacuations during fires or power outages when elevators may not work or simply for at home use to increase the ease of movement between floors. Battery powered, the chair is easy to use and requires minimal effort from both the passenger and the operator.  The passenger simply sits down on or is assisted into the chair. Since the chair is equipped with a battery-operated commercial grade motor, the operator simply guides the chair up or down the staircase. This easy and low-effort effortless process allows for the passenger to remain comfortable while ascending or descending and requires the operator to exert virtually no physical energy.

The MS3C-300TSB Powered Stair Assist Chair has multiple features in place to ensure the experience is safe, pleasant, and comfortable for both passengers and operators. The heavy- duty grooved tracks prevent any slippage, and the 4-point harness ensures the passenger is secure for the duration of the ascent or descent. Additionally, the extendable ergonomic guide rail allows for greater ease and more control during operation. Additionally, large the extended footrest adds passenger safety and support.

The chair offers other convenient features as well. For instance, once the passenger is on flat ground, the Stair Assist Chair can double as transportation chair, alleviating the strain of walking in some situations. In addition, as a compact and foldable device, the chair can easily be transported, making it ideal for doctor visits, family gatherings, or effectively any event or outing which may require going up or down flights of stairs.


At MSEC, our mission is to provide comfort and security when using our Powered Stair Assist Chair. As a US based company, we offered unmatched support. If you have any questions about this or any other of our MS3C line of transportation products or if you need any replacement parts, our customer support is happy and available to help 24/7. 

Our goal with this device is to alleviate the burden that you, your parents, your children, and caretakers experience when they have a loved one with limited mobility.  Moving up and down the stairs shouldn’t have to be an egregious or outrageously expensive task, and with the MS3C-300TSB stair chair it’s not. Think about it – EMS services are very costly, often costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars annually. However, MS3C-300TSB Stair Assist Chair is an investment that pays for itself after only a handful of uses.  Additionally, it gives both operators and passengers the ability to freely and easily move about the house without relying on outside service providers. The MS3C Stair Assist Chair is, in fact, much more affordable than other alternatives on the market. For EMS operators, caretakers, or any family members tending to their loved ones, MS3C chair is the perfect solution for transporting individuals up and down flights of stairs. Finally, there is a reasonably priced, simple, and comfortable solution –MS3C Powered Stair Assist Chair.